Upper Clutha Social Services- Snapshot Baseline survey results – Feb 2019

Who was behind this project?

Community Networks Wanaka has obtained a Lotteries Community Research Grant and funding from the Otago Community Trust to develop the survey and initiate the project. Kate Murray is the Project Manager, Vanessa Hammond is the Lead Researcher, and Anna Williams, Vicki McDermott and Tegan Hall are on the Steering Group.

Aims of this project?

Local social services need local data to support their work. As such, we aim to describe:

  • The issues impacting local social services
  • The issues impacting local social service clients
  • The characteristics of local social service clients
  • The local social service gaps

We need this information to inform service planning, track community wellbeing, identify gaps in service provision, and ultimately, ensure that the right services are available at the right time for the people who need them.

Results available here.