Social Services


Looking for support? Click here for a list of helplines and websites that will support you.  

Age Concern and Senior Services

Valuing our seniors and their contribution to our community is important to us. There are several services and support groups in the Upper Clutha for our seniors:

Useful information for our Seniors (Wanaka)

Click on the above link for a list of support services and groups, or pop into our office to pick up a copy. Some of the services listed are outlined in further details below:

The Total Mobility Scheme

The Total Mobility scheme subsidises licensed taxi services to assist eligible people with impairments to access transport.

It provides electronic cards to eligible scheme members that discount the normal taxi (or specialist transport provider) fare by 50 percent up to a maximum fare (set by the relevant regional council)

You can apply for a Total Mobility Card at Community Networks. When travelling in another region, it is a good idea to advise the taxi driver at the start of the trip if you are using a card from your home town.

For general information about the scheme, visit: