Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels

Who uses the service and how do I start receiving the meals?

MOW are reasonably priced meals delivered to your door by a wonderful team of volunteer drivers on weekdays. This service is most often used by elderly people who find it difficult to shop and cook for themselves.  However, if you are ill or recovering from an illness it is possible to sign up for these on a short term basis.

The meals are cooked by staff at Elmslie House. Community Networks coordinates the roster of volunteers.

To start receiving the meals please call Elmslie House on 03 443 7899


Subsidies are available for people with specialist needs. An assessment is required by the medical social worker at Dunstan Hospital -Please phone 03 440 4300 for more details

MOW Volunteer Drivers

We appreciate any offers of help. If you would like to volunteer as a driver please get in touch with Community Networks.