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Community Networks Wanaka

Community Networks Wanaka is your local resource hub for social well-being services

How inclusive and resilient is our community? How do we look after the social fabric of our community?

There has been much talk about our population growth and the impact this has on the local community. How does population growth impact on community well-being?

How can you help contribute to community wellbeing?

First of all, Community Networks Wanaka is a social well-being hub that connects people to the information and support they require and works alongside the community to build the social fabric.

Furthermore, CN is one stop resource hub for social well-being services. It is unique to the Upper Clutha region. We connect people to the services and support they require such as immigration information, counselling services and social workers. Also, we coordinate community services such as the food bank and the Wheels to Dunstan and alongside this we work to increase the social fabric in our community.

Being part of the community and feeling safe is an essential element of our overall well-being. The result of “giving back” helps to promote social interaction, enhanced meaning, purpose and a more active lifestyle. Additionally, it makes us feel connected to where we live and work.

Overall, we aim to involve business owners and engage members of the community to help build personal relationships, to have a tight-knit community with a caring and meaningful contribution.


Come along to hear about the services that Community Networks Wanaka offers to support mental well-being in the community.

Community Networks Staff and Volunteers

All in all, operated by the Alpine Community Development Trust, Community Networks is run by two staff members and many volunteers.

Kate Murray, Manager of Community Networks Wanaka
Nova Knippers, Office Coordinator

Annual General Meeting 2019

Chairperson’s Annual Report for January 1 to December 2018 Annual General Meeting

Where to find us:

34 McDougall Street, 9305 Wanaka